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Sonos Ray – new compact soundbar


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Sonos new and so far most compact soundbar brings many features seen in the Beam Gen 2 and for significantly less money.

American audio equipment manufacturer Sonos has introduced the new, compact soundbar Ray, thus expanding its range of home theaters.

Namely, Sonos Ray gives a sound that fills the room precisely because of the specially designed waveguides for built-in tweeters, designed to spread it as much as possible in the horizontal direction. Sonos also mentions advanced digital sound processing, which precisely positions the elements in the room so that the user feels as if he is “at the center of events.”

Sonos Ray Soundbar
Source: Sonos

The customized DSP precisely matches midrange and treble, while Sonos ’new bass-reflex system is credited with convincing deep-frequency reproduction. Like all the company’s speakers, Ray is tuned with the Sonos Soundboard. The sound can be adjusted even more precisely with the Trueplay feature, which calibrates the speakers according to room characteristics and is only available on iOS devices.


Sonos ’new soundbar also features the company’s Speech Enhancement feature, which ensures sound clarity when watching videos or listening to music. Also worth noting is the Night Sound feature, which amplifies very quiet and mutes loud sounds (“compresses” the dynamics of the sound), which can be pretty useful if Ray is used in the wee hours of the night. We have already encountered both of these features in Sonos’ soundbar Beam Gen 2, so in his review, you can read how they behaved in practice.

Ray is compatible with all relevant streaming services and can be easily controlled using an existing TV remote control, Sonos S2 app, Apple AirPlay 2, and Spotify Connect. There is also the possibility of connecting to other company speakers, whether we use them for surround, or together they are part of the best multiroom system in the world.

Sonos Ray will be globally available for purchase on June 7, 2022. Of course, one copy of Ray is already on its way to Bug’s editorial office, so in the coming weeks, you can expect a detailed review of Sonos’ latest and most compact soundbar to date.







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