Sunday, October 1, 2023

Some of new features on One Outlook e-mail app


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About ten days ago, the first photos of One Outlook, a new e-mail application created by Windows, were leaked. Now the American company has announced a beta version of this application for Windows, which gives us a good insight into what features we can expect.

According to Microsoft’s announcement, One Outlook has received many new features, in addition to design changes. First of all, this application will integrate with Loop, Microsoft’s survey system, task lists, etc. There is also a new file attachment system. So if you have something saved in your Microsoft account, you can type in the “@” symbol and then the file name, after which you will get a list of matching files that you can attach to your email.

Microsoft has also added several new calendars and to-do features. This will allow you to drag the desired emails to the panel and sort them into appointments or calendar events if you want to set a time to reply to a specific email. There is also the possibility of “pinning” certain emails so that they stay in focus if you are not able to read them immediately and eventually respond to them.

Microsoft also mentions many other features. So, for example, when you answer a call from the calendar, you can determine whether you will attend a certain event physically or virtually, there is a function of cleaning the Sweeb inbox, which is also included in the application.


Furthermore, Outlook itself will “pin” emails that it considers important so that you don’t miss them. A complete list of features, along with photos and descriptions, can be found on the Microsoft website.

It should be emphasized once again that this is a beta version, which means that it is possible that Microsoft will add some more features to the stable version.







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