Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Snapdrop – a convenient solution for local file sharing via browser

There are many ways to exchange files between smartphones and computers, but this solution makes the whole thing really extremely painless. Namely, it will work from modern web browsers, and with this application, sharing files from Android is really easier…


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Despite the fact that there are a number of methods and solutions that can be used to exchange files between computers and smartphones, this whole process can still be quite tedious at times. Snapdrop is an open-source solution that wants to make file sharing as easy as possible.

Namely, its key advantage is the fact that it is designed to work directly from a web browser (it is advisable to have the official application installed on Android), and the whole thing is extremely easy to use. A basic prerequisite is that the devices between which the files are shared must be connected to the same local wireless network.


After that, a web browser with snapdrop.net opens on the device with which you intend to share the file, and file-sharing can begin. As each of the devices will get a very unique name (eg Brown Crocodile or Turquois Wildfowl), the same goes for smartphones with the installed application.

Therefore, you just need to click on the device with which you want to share the file, select the desired file and it will be transferred in the blink of an eye (the recipient can accept or reject it). Similarly, files are transferred from a computer to a smartphone; only the desired smartphone is selected in the web browser.


Simple, practical, and – without special configuration.







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