Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Skiff Mail – New on the market


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Skiff has spent the last few years developing a platform with a focus on privacy, collaborative document processing, which can be described as “Google Docs with encryption”. Now the company is targeting Gmail, and has released an email service called Skiff Mail.

The ultimate goal for Skiff is to create a complete workspace, something as comprehensive and broad as the Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace platforms, according to Andrew Milich, co-founder and CEO of Skiff.

But, in order to achieve that, it is necessary to establish an email service, which is a key feature of the two mentioned platforms. Milich points out that for every person who opts for Skiff Mail instead of Gmail, the rest of the company’s products are just a click away.


Currently, Skiff is available for standard use, and earns money from company subscriptions. It was not specified what Skiff’s plans are for email, but it was noted that advanced features will certainly be charged in the future.

The Skiff Mail application currently runs on web, Android and iOS systems, and looks a lot like Gmail (minus colors and user interface). In other words, it is a basic email application. There is currently no support for custom domains, you can’t check your Gmail in Skiff, and there aren’t too many tools for automating and organizing content.

The goal with Skiff Mail was to offer all the most important things – word processing, search, attachment management and that’s what the service does quite well.

Of course, Skiff Mail also has some ambitions. However, the strategy with a focus on privacy only makes sense when users like using the application, as its co-founder points out.

There is clear evidence that the “Gmail but private” system is a tempting idea for many. There’s ProtonMail which last year announced it has more than 50 million users, and Fastmail and Librem Mail are in the growth phase.

However, Gmail continues to be a giant and market leader and is practically the only company that is important in the world of email. However, for those looking for something different, there are now more choices than ever.

One of the more inconvenient things when it comes to “privately oriented email” is that no one can control emails. It would be easy for Skiff to create an encrypted email platform, if only Skiff users would send emails to other Skiff users. However, emails don’t work that way.


Instead, the Skiff team tried to create a tool that adjusts the security spectrum. When Skiff users send email to other Skiff users, everything is encrypted by default and it is easy for senders to withdraw or verify. However, when emails are sent to someone outside the Skiff ecosystem, the SMTP protocol still works.

The founder of Skiff Mail hopes that as more providers embrace privacy, tools will be created to expand and improve the entire ecosystem.







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