Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Self-publishing of games is coming to the Epic Games Store

After launching a closed beta of its self-publishing tools in August 2021, these tools will finally be widely available to anyone who wants to publish their games.


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Self-publishing tools could see many more of them appear in the Epic Games Store because, as stated by Epic Games: “These tools enable developers and publishers to publish games efficiently, directly maintain a presence in the store, and reach a growing audience of over 68 million monthly active users.”

Their revenue-sharing model, where they take only 12 percent commission on sales and 0 percent if in-app purchases are made using their own payment system, could also be particularly attractive.

Unlike Epic Games, Valve on Steam takes a 30 percent commission on sales and in-app purchases. As for the fee for publishing games, it is $100 per game.

In order to use the Epic Developer Portal, several rules must be met.


In addition to standard prohibitions such as copyright infringement, illegal content, and malware if a published game includes multiplayer, it will have to support crossplay for all PC stores.

Epic also reserves the right to reject games that it deems do not meet its quality and functionality criteria.






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