Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Samsung’s 3nm process before TSMC’s?


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Samsung is absolutely focused on speeding up the transition to a 3-nanometer manufacturing process for its chips. According to the current allegations of the leaders of this company, the 3-nanometer process is expected to start in the next few weeks.

So, Samsung is giving one good crochet to TSMC, but it’s not all about strength, ie how much better the production process is, but there is something in the technique. TSMC is known for not commenting on the moves of its rivals, so it is still announced that this giant will start the production process in 3 nanometers during the second half of the current year.

But, in this boxing match, many other things are important and different variables play a significant role. The FinFET architecture that TSMC plans to use is more advanced than that used by Samsung, so the performance of the chips in Samsung’s 3-nanometer manufacturing process is expected to be equivalent to those produced by TSMC at 4 or 5 nanometers. So, not only strength but also technique.

Even if Samsung launches this production process long before TSMC, it is very likely that the process itself will be technically inferior to the capabilities of its competitor. Simply put, the GAA process is not as good as FinFET.


In addition, it is still unknown how many usable processor units Samsung can produce with its 3-nanometer process. Currently, that percentage is very small for Samsung’s 4-nanometer production process, so many of their customers have to turn to TSMC, Gizchina reports.

Unofficial information suggests that Samsung’s success rate for 3 nanometers is only 10 percent, which is very little. In that light, being first doesn’t mean much. Moreover, it means nothing. On the other hand, TSMC predicts a mini-revolution with its 2-nanometer production process, to which Samsung still does not have an adequate response. It seems that the champion will still keep his belt, at least for some time to come.







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