Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 series may have a “Pro” version


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In August 2021, Samsung launched the Galaxy Watch 4 series smartwatches, which are equipped with BioActive body vitality sensors to detect many key health indicators of the human body, including electrocardiogram, blood oxygen concentration detection, blood pressure monitoring, etc. As usual, Samsung should release the Galaxy Watch 5 series this year. There have also been relevant updates recently. According to media reports, the Galaxy Watch 5 series may have a “Pro” version.

According to media descriptions, this Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, codenamed SM-R925, has passed the certification in South Korea. Moreover, this watch will be equipped with a large-capacity battery of 572mAh. You know, the maximum battery capacity in the previous generation of the Galaxy Watch 4 series is only 361mAh, so this improvement is quite huge.

It is worth mentioning that according to another media report, the Galaxy Watch 5 series will also add a temperature detection function, which can detect early signs such as colds and fever for users.


Overall, Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 5 series this year may have a “Pro” version and is equipped with a 572mAh large-capacity battery. In addition, Galaxy Watch 5 will also add a new temperature detection function to the whole series. The release time is expected to be the second half of this year.

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