Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra comes with a 200 MP camera


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The Galaxy S21 Ultra and Galaxy S22 Ultra share one of the best camera systems on any smartphone today, but Samsung seems ready to change something for the next generation. According to a new report, the Galaxy S23 Ultra will offer a 200 MP camera sensor.

When it comes to smartphones, megapixels are not always directly related to quality. The current 108 MP sensor in Samsung’s “Ultra” devices has been used for the last three generations, starting with the original Galaxy S20 Ultra 2020.

An ETNews report claims that Samsung is gearing up a notch in its next release, delivering a 200 MP camera that could debut in the Galaxy S23 Ultra. The “ISOCELL HP3” sensor has been fully developed, and production plans are prepared. The camera sensor will be produced by both Samsung Electronics and Samsung Electro-Mechanics, 30/70%.

The decision to use this new 200 MP sensor in the Galaxy S23 Ultra is not final yet, but Samsung’s current plan is. It will be the first significant shift in Samsung’s primary camera sensor in more than three years if that happens.


As is now standard, the 200 MP sensor will only get the “Ultra” model, while other members of the S23 series will probably be equipped with a 50 MP sensor as in the S22 series.

Looking at the competition, the 200 MP figure would undoubtedly turn your eyes towards the Galaxy S23 Ultra in terms of shock and disbelief. Because Google’s Pixel 6 series uses a 50 MP sensor, the latest Apple iPhones are still only equipped with 12 MP camera sensors.

But as we have repeated countless times, the number of megapixels means almost nothing if the other parts of the camera are not top quality.







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