Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Samsung could also apply the concept of flexible display to tablets


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Samsung was the first to market a phone with a display that bends inwards, and it could be expanded to offer a screen size of over 7 inches. Now it seems that Samsung plans to apply the same design expression to a larger display.

Samsung flexible tablet
Samsung flexible tablet / Photo credit: LetsGoDigital

LetsGoDigital has noticed a patent that suggests that Samsung could introduce a flexible Galaxy tablet in the future. The company filed a patent application with the USPTO (the United States Patent and Trademark Office), and the application was approved on February 16 this year.




LetsGoDigital also published photos, created based on information and renderings from the patent. Renders show that there is no display on the outside of the device. Sensors, LED flash, and selfie camera are located in the center of the upper part of the device.

Samsung flexible tablet
Samsung flexible tablet / Photo credit: LetsGoDigital

There are some types of notches on the top and bottom of the display. Also, no cameras are visible on the back. Of course, we remind you that the concept of renders is based on information from the patent and there is a great possibility that the idea will never be commercialized. However, it is possible that Samsung is working on a similar product.

For now, it is suggested that Samsung is developing the Galaxy Z Fold 3, and the information mentions that it will cost as much as its predecessor and that it could be released in June. The phone should have a 7.7-inch flexible display, while the external screen could be smaller than its predecessor.

The South Korean company could modify the S Pen technology for use on the upcoming flexible phone.






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