Saturday, September 30, 2023

Production of the iPhone 14 series could start earlier than usual


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Apple is expected to hold its iPhone 14 presentation in mid-September, assuming no delays.

After Apple recorded record results in terms of earnings in March this year, it is believed that there is only a theoretical possibility of the risk that the 2022 iPhone line will be slightly delayed. The current situation could influence this with the coronavirus in China, which threatens supply chains.

Overall, the pandemic is not at the same level as in previous years and most countries are taking measures. That is one of the reasons why information is emerging that the production of new iPhone models could start earlier. Apple is working hard to prevent any delay in releasing the iPhone 14 series.

Apple has reportedly instructed Foxconn, the company’s largest supplier of parts and the company that assembles the iPhone, to start assembling workers earlier for upcoming iPhone 14 orders. Foxconn should increase production and take advantage of the increased interest in the iPhone 13 line.


If all goes according to plan, Apple should hold its next big iPhone event in mid-September, while the iPhone 14 series will go on sale a few weeks later.







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