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PlayFitt App – exercise through competition and fun

Forcing yourself to engage in regular physical activity and exercise is not easy for most, and the same goes for sticking to an exercise schedule once you get started with it. Fortunately, there are apps that encourage exercise by turning physical activity into - play. This is one of the best.


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PlayFitt is a potentially very useful app that tries to make exercise fun through gamification, a tool that is increasingly being used as a handy motivational and fairly effective method. In this case, physical activity and regular exercise are encouraged through a handful of daily tasks.

PlayFitt detects the movements of a smartphone and based on that, virtual coins are earned, thanks to which it can be upgraded and moved to the next levels – just as it would be in a typical computer or mobile game (one should be careful because this is also one of the models on the basis of which the application earns).

There are daily and weekly tasks, so it’s very easy to keep track of what needs to be done regularly, and things don’t start too demanding.

For example, during the day you need to do a few push-ups, a dozen squats, a few thousand steps, walk a few steps, and have a few active breaks (any movement after a long period of rest is counted). It is also convenient to receive instructions on how to perform the given exercises correctly.


PlayFitt app is currently only available for iOS.

PlayFitt on App Store
PlayFitt on App Store

As the app recognizes movements (it also has a built-in mechanism that tries to recognize if you try to cheat), you need to have a smartphone with you, put it in your pocket or put it on your belt, and do the default exercises. The app will count aloud the exercises done and make it known when it is time to rest, there is also a pronounced social (competitive) component and other possibilities.

In short, PlayFitt really imposes itself as an interesting application for all those who find it harder to stay motivated during regular physical activity, and through play and encouraging a competitive spirit, it facilitates the creation of healthy habits. The basic version of the app is free, but there is a Premium edition that requires a monthly subscription of about $ 12.







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