Sunday, October 1, 2023

OnePlus Nord 2 gets Android 12


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OnePlus has released a beta version of OxygenOS 12 (Android 12) for some of its devices, and now OnePlus Nord 2 is getting an open beta version.

OnePlus has announced OxygenOS 12 Beta 1 based on Android 12 for OnePlus Nord 2 models in India, while there is no official information on when it will arrive in the rest of the world. The update is 4.57 GB in size and is intended for all Nord 2 models, including the Special Edition.

The update brings a lot of new features to the phone (you can read all about them in detail at this link), and in this article, we will write shortened version. Some of the changes include: enabling HyperBoost for games, optimized Always-On-Display, and adjustable dark mode levels…

Here are the key details of the update:


The system

  • New – added Smart Battery Engine – a feature that extends battery life based on smart algorithms and biomimetic self-healing technology.
  • Optimized AI System Booster to 2.1 to keep your system running smoothly even when the load is high
  • Optimized desktop icons with enhanced textures
  • Optimized Extra HD – a feature that can significantly improve the image and video resolution


Dark mode

  • Dark mode now supports three adjustable levels, bringing a more personalized and comfortable user experience


Work-life balance

  • The work-life balance feature is now available to all users, allowing you to effortlessly switch between work and life with quick settings
  • WLB 2.0 now supports automatic mode/lifestyle switching, based on location, Wi-Fi network, and time, bringing customized application notification profiles according to personalization



  • New – added HyperBoost end-to-end frame rate stabilizer



Problems you may face

  • You may not be able to use Face Unlock in the dark after turning on “Bright in low light” settings.
  • Fortnite will crash while playing the game.








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