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OnePlus Ace (10R) – leaked in live photos


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Yesterday, OnePlus confirmed the official launch date of the upcoming OnePlus Ace smartphone (a model for the Chinese market). The device is set to be released on April 21 at 7:30 pm in China. Now, before the official launch, the president of OnePlus China has published a lengthy article revealing some details about the upcoming smartphone.

OnePlus Ace Leaks
Source: news.mydrivers.com

OnePlus Ace design

According to an ITHome report, OnePlus China President Li Jie states that the OnePlus Acea’s design is inspired by straight lines to provide a powerful and fast look. To ensure that users feel comfortable while holding this device.

The vertical straight lines on the back of the device are inspired by the waterfalls to give a sense of speed again. In addition, the executive director said that the device weighs 186 grams and is 8.2 mm thick. To reduce the thickness of the device, OnePlus redesigned the case to make it “smoother”.



OnePlus Ace live pictures

As we already know, it has been officially confirmed that the OnePlus Ace will be launched later this month. However, before the launch, pictures of the smartphone appeared on the Internet.

According to a MyDrivers report, the images come directly from OnePlus’s live stream, where the phone has been announced and a launch date set for April 21 in China. The pictures revealed that the device will really omit the popular “Alert slide” and will come in silver and black options with a two-tone texture on the back. The camera module on the back contains one large lens and two smaller lenses along with an LED flash.







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