Tuesday, April 16, 2024

OnePlus Ace / 10R has overheating issues


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OnePlus 10R went on sale in India yesterday. Customers in China have already started getting their OnePlus Ace (Chinese version of the OnePlus 10R) devices. First impressions of the device have not been very positive on social media.

OnePlus Ace overheating

The original report comes from the Chinese company Sina Finance, and here they describe the initial experience of using the device. Namely, users state that the device heats up so much that it is not comfortable to hold it in your hands.

One user said he played the game continuously for an hour, and the device’s battery temperature would have already reached a high of 43.7 degrees Celsius, and the CPU was at 46.5 degrees Celsius. Another Weibo user also got involved in the discussion by sharing a video showing that his OnePlus Ace battery is as high as 44.6 degrees Celsius and the CPU was at an awkward 60.4 degrees Celsius.

These do not seem to be isolated cases, as more and more OnePlus Ace customers have joined the theme on Weibo, and the hashtag “#OnePlus phones are so hot to bake hands” has been created (Literally translated from Chinese).


OnePlus 10R overheating

OnePlus contacted the mentioned company Sina Finance with an explanation for the problem of overheating. The answer states that the said user played Genshin Impact (one of the most demanding games today) and that, in reality, high phone temperatures while playing such challenging games are typical. The temperatures experienced by users are within expectations and are considered normal how they will not affect the daily functionality of the device.

The OnePlus Ace was originally introduced in China on April 21. The phone was then the first to feature a MediaTek Dimensity 8100 MAX that promised better performance than the standard Dimensity 8100.







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