Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Nothing Announces Its First Phone: the “iPhone Killer”


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The company started by the founder of OnePlus, Carl Pei, announced that this year it will engage in a direct battle for mobile phone buyers, no less than with Apple.

The technology company Nothing, started by OnePlus founder Carl Pei, is owned by the intellectual property of the failed Essential company Andy Rubin, and so far has managed to raise tens of millions of dollars in investments and market its first product. They were transparent wireless ear headphones Nothing ear (1).

The next project, as expected, will be the production of mobile phones. It was announced this Wednesday at a special event, where Pei spoke about how his company is preparing to become a direct challenger to Apple. They will join the market battle with the richest technology company in the world, they say, this summer, when they will present their first mobile phone, Nothing phone (1).

Nothing Phone (1)
Nothing Phone (1) / Nothing

Android vs iOS
In the world where Carl Pei lives, there is currently “no alternative to Apple” and “customers have no choice.” For this reason, he announced that he plans to launch his mobile phone, integrate it with a wide ecosystem of products and services, about which, however, nothing was said at the presentation. And Nothing’s phone (1) will be based, you guessed it, on Android, forked into something called Nothing OS. How all previous Androids, with a market share in the world of over 70%, are not a worthy alternative to Apple, is also not explained.




According to what has been said, it seems that the Nothing will be a mobile phone built around almost Android stock, in special colors, and with custom design elements. Phone (1) will bring, they say, a fast and smooth user experience, and the first look at this OS will be available in April, on selected devices from other manufacturers. It was also announced that all versions of this phone will be guaranteed three years of OS updates and four years of security patches. It will be powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon SoCs.

All in all – another Android phone has been announced among those who would like to become an “iPhone killer”. It may differ from the competition with a transparent case and some design solutions, while the prices and other details are not known.







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