Tuesday, April 16, 2024

No premium Nokia phones any time soon


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HMD Global, which has owned the license for the Nokia brand since 2016, points out that it will give up the flagship phone in the foreseeable future.

The last real premium phone, which the company announced, was the Nokia 9 PureView from 2019. The phone itself, which boasts a large number of cameras, was delayed and the company gave up on upgrading it to Android 11.

Despite the rumors, we still haven’t had a chance to see the successor to the Nokia 9 PureView model, and apparently, that model won’t even be released.

In an interview with the Android Authority, Adam Ferguson of HMD admitted that creating a premium phone with a price tag of $ 800 or more doesn’t make too much sense for the company at the moment.




He added that the company does not intend to engage in “war” specifications with other manufacturers on the market and that HMD is currently focused on something completely different.

It is expected that it will be similar to what HMD Global presented during this year’s MWC conference, which is affordable  4G phones.

This is not the first time that HMD Global has decided not to engage in a race with other premium phone manufacturers. Last year, the company pointed out that it would mainly focus on phones in the price range of 100 to 200 euros.






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