Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Netlix: F1: Drive to Survive gets two more seasons


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Netflix recently released a report stating that the company lost users for the first time. Netflix estimates that it could lose about 2 million users in the next quarter, which means that it will have to invest even more rationally in new titles. Some series have already been canceled, but some will not be affected by Netflix’s decline, such as the popular F1 series: Drive To Survive.

Netflix’s F1: Drive to Survive series made its debut in 2019 and is the result of Netflix’s collaboration with Formula 1. It is a documentary series that looks at exclusive parts of Formula 1, such as team talks, strategy preparation, behind-the-scenes atmosphere, etc.

The first episode premiered on March 8, 2019, covering the F1 2018 season. The series has experienced four seasons so far, each with ten episodes. The fourth season had its debut on March 11, 2022. and covers the Formula 1 season for 2021.

Netflix has now announced that it has extended its partnership with Formula 1 and that the popular documentary series will experience at least two more seasons, which will cover the current Formula 1 season and next season.


The company said that the fourth season of this series has attracted the largest audience so far and that it entered the Top 10 of Netflix’s weekly review of the most-watched titles in over 56 countries.

The series was especially popular in the United States, where it was not so popular until the time it was shown.

Therefore, the announcement of two more seasons of this series is no surprise, and viewers will be able to enjoy watching the most exciting details from Formula 1.







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