Saturday, September 30, 2023

More ads are coming to Instagram

All Instagram users can expect advertisements within the search option in the next few months. In addition, advertisements will be able to send you reminders


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It seems that ads on the home page are not enough, so Instagram plans to introduce them to the search engine as well. The feature is already being widely tested and will be rolling out to all users worldwide in the coming months, because, according to Meta, people come to Instagram to discover new brands, products, or upcoming events.

There aren’t many details yet, but Instagram spokesperson Shenny Barboza confirmed that ads will appear for search terms that fall within their “community and referral guidelines.” This, then, means that users might see ads for searches that meet those criteria.

In addition to ads in the search engine, Instagram also adds so-called “reminder ads”. Namely, it is a feature that will send notifications to users to remind them of an upcoming event or an important date.

Instagram ads
Photo: Instagram

“Reminder ads that appear to all advertisers as an in-feed option help build awareness, anticipation, and consideration for upcoming moments. Users can turn them on and receive three reminders from Instagram the day before, 15 minutes before, and exactly at the time of the event,” it says on Instagram’s official blog.


In simpler terms, if an advertisement within Instagram has a “remind me” option and is, for example, related to the start of a new season of a series, the social network will notify users when they can start watching. Fortunately, turning on the feature is entirely voluntary.






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