Friday, September 29, 2023

MIUI 13.5: most interesting changes


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The next major update, ie the update to MIUI 13.5 will bring a couple of new features, animations, and a couple changes to the existing layout of the system.

This report comes from the Xiaomiui team (you can check it out in detail at this link), and some of the most interesting features they listed include new animations, icons, new interfaces, and a redesigned control center.

There are also many improvements hidden under the hood, such as better battery management and overall performance improvements.

The first on the list are animations.
In particular, new animation speed controllers have been added, and there are three speeds; minimalist, balanced, and elegant. The naming is inversely proportional, so minimalist means faster animations, balanced – medium speed while elegant means slow animations.


The interface of the gallery has also been changed and the ability to create PDF files from tagged images has been added (which I welcome as a student).

PDF Creator

Xiaomi seems to have realized that it made a mistake by dropping the screen usage time check option, so that feature returns to its old form.

Screen Time

The Weather Forecast app now displays the weather for the next 15 days for selected regions.

Xiaomi’s goal seems to be to create an interface that can be easily operated with just one hand, so MIUI 13.5 will move some windows of the system towards the middle to make them easier to reach.

Floating Window

The appearance of floating window applications in the recent applications menu has also been changed. The source cites a problem with the aforementioned menu of recent applications as the reason for this change, but it seems that this update has solved these problems.








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