Friday, September 29, 2023

Microsoft: Windows 11 is finally ready


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The software giant has decided that Windows 11 is now officially marked for widespread use.

Nearly 11 months after its release, Microsoft pointed out that Windows 11 is now in good condition that anyone can install and use it. Of course, provided that your computer meets the requirements to run the operating system.

Windows Health Dashboard changed the status of Windows 11 last week to “designated for widespread use.” This means that the platform is now strong and equipped enough so that everyone from older Windows versions can switch to the latest OS.

Microsoft is very interested in as many users as possible switching to Windows 11, especially if it is known that this version of the software is currently less popular than Windows 7.


One reason for this is the slightly higher PC upgrade requirements (there have been reports that even some Microsoft employees are unable to upgrade to Windows 11). For some, this may be a good excuse to buy a new desktop computer or laptop.







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