Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Microsoft Edge will soon get a free built-in VPN, but there is a catch


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Microsoft is constantly trying to attract more people to use Edge’s Internet browser. Now there is a new feature that the company is adding.

The latest option could be a useful addition to the software. Microsoft has revealed to The Verge that it plans to add a free, built-in VPN service called Edge Secure Network to its browser.

The company points out that the tool will encrypt the user’s internet connection. It is possible to use this function to protect data from Internet service providers. As with most VPNs, it is possible to use the Edge Secure Network to disguise your location and to access services that are blocked in the country where you live or visit.

If you travel frequently, Edge Secure Network will probably not be a substitute for a VPN to which you pay a subscription. The reason is that the function limits you to only 1GB of data flow per month.


Also, it should be noted that you will need a Microsoft account to use the service. Microsoft has not yet started testing its VPN, and when it becomes available, it will be placed in the “Secure Network” section.







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