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Microsoft Edge records the best results ever


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We all remember the many jokes that were made at the expense of Microsoft’s previous browser, Internet Explorer. After that, Microsoft Edge appeared, and no one could have imagined that one day it would become, in fact, a very respectable.

And why one day? It simply wasn’t that. Despite all the unique functionalities, web page loading speeds, as well as special optimizations for all computers that use the touch screen as the main method of data entry, the engine on which this browser was developed was not good enough. Thus, this version of the Edge browser never reached at least 10% of the share.

After the original Edge project was shut down, Microsoft began work on a new, this time Chromium version of its browser. Two years after switching to Chromium, Microsoft Edge is recording the best results ever. We are surprised by the fact that Edge has over 10% share in the world market.

So, according to StatCounter, Microsoft Edge managed to win 0.42% of the market, which allowed it to surpass that magic figure of 10 percent. So congratulations. And what about other search engines?

Browser Market Share Worldwide
Browser Market Share Worldwide April / Source: statcounter.com

As far as computer search engines are concerned, Google Chrome is in the first position with as much as 66.64% market share.

Right behind it is Microsoft Edge, and in third place is Apple Safari with a 9.61% share.

In fourth and fifth place are Mozilla Firefox and Opera with 7.86% and 2.43%. And we could have sworn that Mozilla would be in second place.

On the mobile scene, the situation is somewhat different. Google Chrome is still in first place with 63.57% share, while Apple Safari is in second place with 24.48%.

So all together more than 90%, while the rest are fighting for crumbs from the table. Third and fourth place belongs to Samsung Internet browser and Opera with 4.90% and 1.88%, while UC Browser has a share of 1.41%.








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