Sunday, March 19, 2023

Messenger improvements: tag everyone & send money

For those who use Facebook's messaging platform, good news is coming. According to Meta, which owns Facebook, Messenger received an update in the form of shortcuts.


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As it is pointed out, these shortcuts will make it easier for users to use certain functions. For example, there is now an “@everyone” tag that will notify everyone in a group chat at the same time. Previously, users could only mention a specific person using the “@” sign.

Messenger Everyone Tag
Photo: Meta

There are also new shortcuts, such as “/ silent”, which allows you to send a message without notification. There is also a shortcut for sending money via Messenger, and “/ gif” is expected in the future, which will make it easier to send GIFs in conversations.

Messenger Pay
Photo: Meta

For now, it seems that some of these shortcuts are exclusive only to the iOS version of the Messenger app, but are expected to be available to Android users soon.







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