Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Last year, the Epic Games Store gave away 99 games worth over $2,200

In a separate report, Epic Games Store reflected on last year, in which it continued with a weekly rotation of free games, and announced the further implementation of such a policy


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Along with the announcement of the continuation of the policy of sharing free games, the Epic Games Store looked back in a new post on the past year, which was clearly a good one, both for them and for us players.

Namely, according to their data, 230 million users were registered by the end of 2022, which is an increase of 36 million new user accounts compared to the year before. At one point, 34.3 million active users were recorded in one day, while on a monthly basis, this figure reached 68 million, or six million more active users than last year.

Publishers and developers offered 626 new titles for PC in their store, which is more than any year before, and thus the number of games grew to 1,548. As for the free games, a total of 99 were distributed last year, and their total value when purchased is $2,240, while as many as 70 of them, after being included in the weekly rotation, exceeded the previous records for the number of players who play them.

In their report, they also looked at the improvements that were implemented during the year, so players got the ability to rate, the search for stores and user collections was improved, popularity rankings were added, and crossplay tools were published that allow developers to connect players on PC without regardless of where they bought their games, and there is additional functionality that allows parents greater control over the accounts of their minor offspring.


Although the Epic Games Store is still behind Steam in terms of capabilities, it has certainly established itself as one of the services that cannot be ignored.






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