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Is incognito mode on Google Chrome really incognito?


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According to Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, Google collects user data even when using a private Internet search mode. An indictment has been filed against Alphabet (formerly Google).

Grounds for lawsuit
The state of Washington and the District of Columbia filed two separate lawsuits against Alphabet in January this year. These two lawsuits are based on dishonest location tracking practices that violate user privacy.

Paxton recently added his indictment to Google Chrome Incognito mode to these lawsuits. According to him, Google implies that searching the Internet using Incognito functionality allows users to experience without tracking their search history and location. However, this does not seem to be the case.

Google Chrome Incognito Mode
Source: DudesCode

Incognito mode is an ideal tool that allows you to browse sites that can determine a health problem, political attitude, sexual orientation, or you want to surprise someone with a gift, and you do not want Google to flood you with ads from sites you have visited.


In fact, “Google collects the data it needs even as you search the Internet using the incognito option,” says Paxton.

Alphabet officials responded to these allegations by saying: “Paxton built its case on inaccurate information and outdated beliefs. We have always worked to improve user privacy and provide quality location tracking control solutions.”

Opportunity for success
Is there any hope for this lawsuit? In January, a judge in the state of Arizona ruled that charges against Alphabet must be brought before a jury. Therefore, the lawsuit has not been rejected and a lawsuit is expected.

We can hope that Ken Paxton will also be able to present his lawsuit before the jury and make at least a small step forward in better preserving the privacy of users on the Internet. Every move, even the smallest, in that direction is worthy of our attention.







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