Tuesday, April 16, 2024

iPhone with camera under the screen – possible date


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We have already seen cameras located under the screen at most Android manufacturers, and the iPhone will only get rid of the notch with the iPhone 14 series and implement two holes for a selfie camera and Face ID sensor, but when will it be able to hide under the screen?

In 2024, if you ask Ming-Chi Kuo, then Apple could finally move the front camera and Face ID sensor below the screen, but probably only for the Pro and Pro Max versions of its devices. If Apple continues with the same naming and launch schedule, the iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max are the first to have this technology.

Kuo predicted the changes in a couple of Tweets, linking to comments he made last month saying Apple is unlikely to release new iPhones with a fingerprint reader under the screen in the next two years.


The main reason why the return of the fingerprint was desired was the pandemic, ie the problem of unlocking via Face ID while the mask is on the face. But as the sunset pandemic, this solution is less and less mentioned.

But the topic of this article is not a fingerprint scanner but a camera below the screen. Apple is known for not implementing some technology in its devices until it is almost perfect, so the question is how it will solve all the problems that cameras under the screen have, since it cannot offer users an unfinished product, and cameras under the screen are currently exactly.

Although technology is improving, it is far from perfect. True, there is still a long way to go before the potential introduction of the iPhone 16 Pro with this technology, and we have no doubt at all that Apple has the knowledge and resources to bring this technology to perfection.






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