Tuesday, April 16, 2024

iPhone 14 might be more expensive


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Analysts appear to be happy with the demand so far and generally expect it to remain relatively stable, but one opinion stands out from the crowd, and that is that iPhone prices outside the US could rise.

While this could happen to the entire range of Apple products, it is likely to be particularly problematic for the future iPhone 14 series.

Apple reported record earnings for the 2nd quarter, but warned that revenue for the current quarter would fall by $ 4 billion to $ 8 billion due to a few problems…

CEO Tim Cook outlined 4 reasons why revenue is expected to suffer a major blow in the third quarter:

  • Component deficiencies
  • Quarantine due to COVID-19 in China
  • Loss of the Russian market
  • Inflation reduces consumer power

Apple analysts are generally optimistic, and one of them, Piper Sandler, said that current problems are affecting business trends, but that the company is going in the right direction and that these short-term problems will not significantly affect the overall sales of future Apple products or iPhone 14 series.

As we said, one analyst has a different opinion, i.e. he warned that iPhone prices could rise outside the US when the iPhone 14 line is launched in the fall. Chris Caso warned that the problem with the exchange rate could be long-term and that, although the prices of Apple products could rise outside the US, the iPhone 14 series could be in the most trouble because of the launch time.







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