Tuesday, April 16, 2024

iOS 15.4 seems to be draining the battery


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Last week, Apple delivered the latest version of the operating system for its mobile devices – iOS 15.4 and brought several new features. By default, there were new emojis, but also some really great solutions, such as Universal Control functionality that provides smooth operation using two different devices with the same set of peripherals, with easier file transfer between those devices. In addition, there is a feature that allows users to unlock their devices using facial recognition functionality while wearing a mask.

In addition, the new operating system upgrade brought solutions to 39 security issues within iOS, as well as enhancements to Apple Pay, a new voice for virtual assistant Siri, and a host of other minor enhancements that should make it easier and more secure for users to use their mobile device.

In the beginning, the users were satisfied, but it seems that the situation is changing for the worse. Namely, after a week of use, users began to notice problems with battery consumption on these devices. According to Hot hardware, several users have posted on social media to complain that the latest version of the iOS operating system is simply draining the battery at an incredible speed.




Moreover, as some users claim, battery consumption has doubled after a new upgrade of the operating system, which really sounds bad. Although not all allegations are so bad, and most users who did complain about battery consumption on their mobile phones, these were mostly allegations of a significant reduction in battery life, but not as extreme as a 50% reduction.

However, it is never good news when a new upgrade of the operating system brings increased battery consumption, which is best known to users of Android mobile devices who, so far, have been most often affected by such problems.

Now, it seems that Apple users are no longer spared from battery problems, and that is definitely something that this company is not used to because Apple devices traditionally provide good battery life. It remains to be seen what this company will do about it, but we think that users will not have to wait long for the problem to be resolved.






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