Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Instant replies are coming to Instagram & other cool features

It seems that the Instagram team is working a lot.


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Just a few days ago, the social network Instagram gave users back the opportunity to chronologically view the feed on their application. Now, the Instagram app wants to provide users with an even faster and easier way to respond to messages they receive.

Certainly, the most useful option that awaits users of this social network is the ability to reply to messages received through this application directly while viewing your feed. So, if a message arrives while you are browsing your Instagram feed, you now have the ability to reply immediately without having to enter messages and thus lose the position you came to.

All this is in light of the statement of the director of this social network, Adam Mosseri, who said that Instagram this year wants to absolutely focus on improving the options for sending and receiving messages. As he stated, “Messages are the primary way users connect within our social network and Instagram should accept that fact.”

However, that’s not all, so Instagram is introducing other new options. One of them allows users to listen to the first 30 seconds of songs available on Apple and Amazon music services, and integration with Spotify is expected in the coming period. Another new feature gives users the ability to access a new menu from their Instagram feed after a long press on the “share” button. The purpose of this feature is for users to quickly share a selected post with up to four selected close friends.


Among the other functionalities related to Instagram messages, there are many small changes that aim to bring the capabilities of Instagram chat closer to those offered by Facebook Messenger. This should not be surprising either, because they have been working on including mutual compatibility for these two platforms for some time.

So the Instagram app introduces a row of profile pictures at the top of the inbox to show which users among your friends are currently using the app.

In addition, there should be an option from the Facebook Messenger application that allows users to send “silent” messages that will not send notifications about the incoming message to the people to whom you send those messages.

Lots of small changes that, all together, really should bring a lot of new features to the Instagram app.







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