Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Hearo app – stream and watch together

Hearo is an app inspired by online gaming and voice communication of players, but instead of enjoying a game title together, this app focuses on sharing content available on many streaming services…


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All those who love to watch entertainment with a company, and for whatever reason can not organize socializing in the real world, can rely on an app like this that wants to impose itself as a virtual two-seater that can invite friends and family to watch together.

Hearo supports just over thirty different streaming and video services, and among them are Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime, HBO Max, Youtube, Parmamount+, Twitch, and Crunchyroll, which are also available to home users. The whole thing is pretty simple, and the organization of watching together is simple.

Hearo is available on iOS and Android.

Hearo on App Store
Hearo on App Store



It is best to open an account (initially you can just enter a nickname and you can already organize a viewing together), and all you need to do is share with your friends or family the generated link they will use with the application to join virtual entertainment (possible is to invite up to 50 participants).

Once shared viewing is established, voice communication can begin, and it is possible to exchange text messages and send pictures. In essence, Hearo is actually a typical communication application, but it is designed to allow viewing content available on streaming services.

Either way, everything is free, so there’s no particular reason why the app shouldn’t at least be tested. Especially if the entertainment content likes to be watched with the loud company.







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