Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Gowalla, one of the original location-based social apps, is back

14 years after the first presentation of Gowalla, they want to revive the trend they started back then, which was based on sharing your location with selected contacts


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Gowalla co-founder and CEO Josh Williams is set to revive the once-popular social app at the SXSW music, technology, and arts festival, keeping the same name and concept as the original.

The decision is based on the belief that people using technology are looking for ways to connect personally, ie locally.

Williams cites the huge number of on-the-go, location-enabled, and user-friendly devices as an additional potential for success.

Download app here


The app basically uses the map as its primary interface. You can mark your current location on the map, and thus “collect” locations, and share it with selected contacts. You can also see the locations of your contacts.

In addition to the tagging itself, there is also a social component in the form of enabling commenting under the tagged locations of your contacts, whether it is the current location or a previous one.






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