Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Google Wallet for Android is coming

Google is serious about replacing physical wallets.


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This means that Android users will be able to connect their credit cards to Google Wallet and pay for groceries and other goods with one click. The new app can also store other documents, such as vaccination certificates, concert tickets, and airport passes.

The service is currently intended for residents of the United States. The company announced that they are working on connecting the digital wallet with personal documents, so users will be able to identify themselves via QR code or directly from the app.

It was pointed out that Google Wallet data will not be available to Google, so security is guaranteed. Those who have Android 5 and newer versions, and Wear OS, will soon be able to use the wallet.

This is not a revolutionary offer since the Apple Wallet app for iPhone users appeared earlier, and Google itself launched Google Wallet ten years ago. In time, it merged with Google Pay, and now it is becoming independent again and comes with new, valuable options.








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