Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Google released another Chrome update


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Google launched its third emergency update for its Chrome browser, which patched the zero-day vulnerability on another desktop version of Chrome.

This update was released on Google Chrome’s Stable Channel last Thursday. Versions for Windows, Mac, and Linux, will be pushed to users in the next few days to weeks. However, although the update will be pushed to users, it is best for users to update manually as soon as possible because this update involves the repair of several vulnerabilities.

One of the vulnerabilities, CVE-2022-1364, is a type of confusion vulnerability discovered and reported by a member of Google’s threat analysis team on April 13, and Google quickly launched patching methods.

This bug is a high-risk zero-day vulnerability and has been exploited by many attackers. When this bug is used, the Chrome browser will crash or report an error, giving the attacker the opportunity to execute arbitrary code.


The type of this bug is similar to that of a previous bug repaired by Google on March 26, which is a type of confusion vulnerability hidden in the Chrome V8 JavaScript engine, and this new vulnerability is used in the same way as V8 JavaScript. The vector is carried out.

Google said that they “have realized that many attackers are taking advantage of the CVE-2022-1364 vulnerability”, which is one of the reasons why Google launched patches so quickly. However, Google did not provide details of the bug but said that it would restrict the publication of details about the bug until “most users have updated” to protect users.

This update is now available. If users want to update manually, they can select “About Chrome” in Settings, then select the update, and restart according to the instructions.







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