Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Google Play Store will remove almost 900,000 apps


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Apps that have not been updated in two years will be removed, all due to recent terms of use that Google Play has changed.

The days of outdated and neglected apps on the Google Play Store are coming to an end, as Google wants to remove apps that haven’t been updated in two years.

This is a result of recent changes in terms of use, recently implemented by Google Play. According to reports, about 869,000 are part of this purge in the Google store.

Apple took similar measures in its App Store in April, warning developers that it would remove apps that were not updated during a significant period. Developers are given 30 days to update their applications to meet the requirements.


On the Google Play Store, apps affected by this decision will be hidden from search results or removed altogether. However, that will not happen before November 1, when Android 13 is expected to be available on Google Pixel phones.

The reason why these measures are implemented is to protect users from installing applications that may not have the latest security features and options.

According to analysts firm Pixalate, 68 percent of apps from the Play Store and App Store have been updated in the last two years. That’s more than 3.1 million apps.







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