Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Google Play Store: No more movies and TV shows


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‘From May 2022, the Google TV app will be your home for buying, renting, and watching movies and TV shows on your Android mobile device or tablet,’ said Google.

From May, users will no longer be able to buy movies and series on the Google Play Store, the company announced on its official website.

“In Google Play, movies and series will no longer be supported. However, Google Play will still be your store for apps, games, and books, “said Google, adding that users of movies and series will need to use the Google TV app.

It is stated that users on Google TV will have exactly the same experience as on Google Play. This way, you will be able to find the latest releases of films, various recommendations for watching, and also the possibility of renting titles.


Furthermore, those who have already purchased content on Google Play will be able to easily view it in the new app, so nothing will be lost. It is, therefore, a change that indicates the fact that Google is less and less willing to rely on the brand “Play” as a digital goods store.

Apple has a similar thing. The App Store is for apps, music is in iTunes, Apple TV is for movies and series, and books can be found in the Apple Books app.







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