Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Google Play Store gets a new privacy feature


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Google Play Store now gets a new privacy feature that will ask app developers to reveal more information about how they collect and share user data.

Users will now have a new Data Security section available to add to apps. This section includes information on how the application stores user data and whether it shares it with third parties.

Google first planned to add this new feature in the February, but it didn’t happen. However, this option is now gradually being introduced in the Google Play Store, and the process should be completed in a few weeks. Meanwhile, developers have 12 weeks to comply with these rules and provide data security information related to their applications.

While Google won’t be able to get app developers to be honest when giving information about how data is shared, this could still help users and Google hold app developers accountable if at some point the information turns out to be inaccurate.


Still, it is certain that application developers will feel more pressure from Google and this is one of the first steps that should steer this topic in the right direction. This is certainly a much better way than having, for example, the Galaxy Store, which doesn’t share much, or even no information about how apps use user data.

The feature started to arrive on the Google Play Store today and the deadline for developers to adapt to it will be July 20, 2022., when all applications will need to have this information.







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