Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Google: Pixel 7, Pixel Watch and Pixel Tablet are coming this year


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In addition to the presentation of some devices and the announcement of Android 13, Google announced upcoming devices at the I/O conference for developers yesterday. These are the Google Pixel 7 smartphones and the Google Pixel 7 Pro, the Google Pixel Watch, as a big surprise – the Google Pixel Tablet.

Google Pixel 7

Google has announced that the next-generation Google Tensor chip will power the Google Pixel 7 and 7 Pro. The US company has shared photos that reveal the back of the Google Pixel 7 and 7 Pro phones. We notice a similar design on it as its predecessors, but there are some changes, such as the merging of the camera cutouts from both phone frames. The Pixel 7 Pro has three cameras – two are in a pill and one in a separate hole, while the Pixel 7 only has a pill with two cameras.

Google Pixel Watch


Google is set to unveil the two phones in the fall of this year, along with a smartwatch called the Google Pixel Watch. Google posted photos of this watch. This is the first watch that Google fundamentally developed. It is round, has a domed glass look, and comes with Fitbit integration. This watch will offer all the standard specifications characteristic of a smartwatch, such as monitoring sports activities, heart rate monitoring, sleep monitoring, etc.

Google Pixel Tablet

And finally, a surprise, considering that nothing was said about him. Google is also working on a tablet, which will be called the Google Pixel Tablet. It will be unveiled next year, and Google decided yesterday to release photos of this device.

So in the photos, we notice that the tablet has quite thick frames around the screen, while it has only one camera on the back. Google has stated that the Google Tensor chip will power it and that this tablet is designed to be the most useful tablet in the world.







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