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Google is working on predicting backward movement to improve Android

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Many Android users have had trouble taking a step back(going back). The system often returns them back to the page, back through the menus, or back to the home screen. Google has been working on this for a while and may finally have a solution that developers can implement to make this gesture less of a problem for users of their apps.

At Google I/O 2022, which begins on Wednesday, May 11, and ends the next day, one of the events is called “Return on the Basics of System Return” and will be held on Thursday. Along with the list of events, Google wrote: “Discover how the future of Android will help you create predictive reverse navigation along with satisfying animations.”

In other words, Google seems to be working on predictable reverse navigation which sounds like a feature that would perfectly suit Google’s work on artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Over time, Android may find out what your intent is when using backward movement based on previous use of navigation. This sounds pretty promising and we will surely learn more about it at the I / O conference for developers.

Back to the basics of System Back
Source: Google

There is often a fine line between making a backlash work as it should or using a gesture and accidentally turning the page back. When full-motion navigation debuted on Android 10, some users were so frustrated with the backward movement that they decided to use three-button navigation instead.

Users can still return to three-button navigation by going to Settings> System> Gestures> System Navigation. You will be given two options, motion navigation or 3-button navigation. If you’re having trouble reversing right now and are so frustrated that you can’t wait for Google to announce an improvement, you can adjust the reverse navigation sensitivity to work properly.

This can be done by going to Settings> System> Gestures> System Navigation. Tap the settings gear icon below the System Navigation heading and you will see a sliding scale that will make the motion sensitivity lower or higher for the left and right edges (set right in the middle by default).







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