Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Google has launched an educational game of building a quantum computer

On the occasion of World Quantum Day, April 14, Google launched the free educational web game The Qubit Game, in which, piece by piece, a quantum computer is assembled and learns about its functions


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World Quantum Day was celebrated on April 14. It is an initiative of quantum scientists from over 65 countries around the world, which aims to popularize the field of quantum science and computing. This date was chosen because it represents 4.14, ie the first three digits of the Planck constant, which is used at the quantum level and is one of the foundations of quantum mechanics.

The Qubit Game
The Qubit Game

To mark this day, Google, along with partners from educational institutions, launched the free web game The Qubit Game. Its goal is to show everyone interested in how quantum computers work, to clarify the principles on which qubits work, and to bring closer to the public the challenges faced by experts in this field.

Players are expected to assemble a quantum circuit, qubit by qubit, solve tasks and set problems, and upgrade their computer. The ultimate goal of the game is to teach players about quantum computing and arouse interest in them, especially the younger ones, who can then decide to dedicate their careers to the study of quantum technology.

The Qubit Game is available here and runs in a web browser, and Google recommends that teachers include it in elementary school classes.








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