Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Google Chrome 90 uses the HTTPS protocol by default


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Google has been promoting a wider acceptance of more secure HTTPS Internet browsing for some time, and now the company has taken another step forward in its efforts. The Chrome 90 for desktop is available in a stable channel, and probably includes a zero-day vulnerability fix that was previously discovered in the Pwn2Own competition.

In March, Google pointed out that Chrome would use HTTPS by version 90 by default, suggesting that it was the most widely used protocol, improving privacy and security, and improving the initial loading speeds of sites using HTTPS.





For iOS, this change will arrive a little later, and it will be immediately available for desktop and Android.

This version of Chrome also comes with an AV1 encoder, for the first time when it comes to Google’s desktop browser, and the company points out that it is specially optimized for video conferencing.

To enable the installation of the Chrome 90 version, you only need to restart the browser, and the update is also possible by going to the Help -> About Google Chrome section in the browser settings.






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