Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Google Assistant can now automatically change passwords

About a year ago, Google pointed out that Assistant would offer the ability to change compromised passwords, and the company is now fulfilling that promise.


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According to media reports, Google Assistant displays notifications to Chrome users about this option, and this includes users on the Android platform.

When you log in to the website with a compromised password, you will receive a recognizable “change your password” warning, while on some sites you will have the option to have the Assistant automatically make that change.

The user can take control at any time, but the feature can be helpful if you do not want to waste time determining a safer option to log in to a particular site.

The Assistant option uses the artificial intelligence (AI) of Google’s web version of Duplex, to navigate sites and apply password changes. AI knows how to click, scroll, and fill out forms that typically require human intervention.


The feature doesn’t work on every site at the moment, as the Google Assistant password array has been available for a relatively small battle of users since it was introduced last May.







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