Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Fortnite is back on iPhone and iPad


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In the middle of the ongoing legal battle between Apple and Epic Games, Fortnite is returning to the iPhone and iPad thankfully to Microsoft. The popular battle royale game is now available on Microsoft’s Xbox Cloud Gaming platform, which is supported on iPhone and iPad via Safari.

This is the first time a free game has been available on Xbox Cloud Gaming. Documents uncovered as part of Epic’s legal battle against Apple have revealed that Epic prevents Fortnite from being available on Microsoft’s service (for similar reasons, Fortnite is currently not available on the App Store).

Of course, it was taken out of context that Xbox Cloud Gaming is not available in the AppStore due to disagreements between Microsoft and Apple. Instead, the service is available via Safari on iPhones and iPad. Xbox Cloud Gaming has generally received positive reviews, and Microsoft has significantly improved the experience since the game initially launched the service.


If you want to try Fortnite but not through Xbox Cloud Gaming, there is another option. Fortnite is also available through Nvidia’s GeForce Now cloud gaming service, giving you two options to try Fortnite on iOS, depending on your preferences between gaming platforms.

It remains to be seen whether Fortnite will return to the App Store, but the legal battle between Apple and Epic games is expected to continue for several years. Both companies complained about the result, although Apple called it a “sound victory” for the App Store.







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