Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Farewell Youtube Go


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YouTube Go was launched in 2016 for emerging markets as a lightweight alternative to the regular app but will be discontinued in August, the platform announced on its community forums.

The video platform advised users of the “lite” app to switch to a regular YouTube application on their Android or visit youtube.com in a browser.

When YouTube Go was introduced five years ago, it didn’t have the ability for users to comment, post, and create content or use Dark Mode at all. However, all these features have become an integral part of the video platform, and therefore the application will disappear, so the differences between “lite” and real applications have almost disappeared.

The announcement also confirmed that there had been a performance improvement, especially on low-end devices, and the regular YouTube app will no longer burden the connection as much, i.e., it will reduce data consumption. Some additional controls are underway to reduce data consumption, which will be appreciated by all those who enjoy YouTube and do not have an unlimited internet package.


Manufacturers are launching devices with more RAM and storage space, better processing power, and battery management, all of which help regular apps run smoothly without significant problems.

A couple of years ago, we were happy with just a few features per app. Now almost every app, from social media to YouTube, has a massive number of options, from uploading images to different types of videos and stories. And everyone seems to want to become TikTok.







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