Tuesday, April 16, 2024

EXCLUSIVE: Apple’s A17 CPU code name and process technology revealed


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From a source close to TSMC, we learned that the production of the A16 chip is entering its production and that the iPhone 14 will not be late with its release, as predicted.

According to supply chain leaks, the new generation A16 chip developed by Apple has completed the design and finalization, using TSMC’s 4nm process. And has now started small-scale production, code-named Crete, and will be installed in the new generation of iPhone 14 Pro, but the iPhone 14 will still use the A15 chip.

The report pointed out that the A16 still maintains the 6-core processor design structure, including 2 performance cores and 4 efficiency cores. It is expected to be equipped with a neural network engine with more than 16 cores, and it will be divided into 4 cores and 5 cores according to the number of graphics cores.

As for the iPhone 15, which Apple plans to launch next year, it will be a bigger specification upgrade. Among them, the A17 CPU codenamed Coll has been designed and finalized. It will use TSMC’s 3nm process and enter mass production after the second quarter of next year.








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