Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Epic Games Store giveaway: Terraforming Mars


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Next week, the Epic Games Store will give us Terraforming Mars for free, where we will slowly colonize the Red Planet and turn it into a new habitat for the human race.

As every Thursday, the Epic Games Store has renewed its offer of free titles, but this time, we have the opportunity to include only one in the collections instead of the usual two. It is a game Terraforming Mars, initially only available as a board game. Four years ago came to life in digital, and judging by the comments of players and critics, the development team Asmodee Digital did a great job.

In the same, we take on the role of the director of the corporation of choice, which will try to turn Mars into a habitable planet with eternally aggressive competition. We will have to spend a lot of resources and money and use advanced technologies to raise the temperature, create oceans and adapt the atmosphere to the human species, which will progress from the Earth in increasing numbers.

To adopt this turn-based strategy that supports multiplayer in addition to solo gaming, you need to have an active user account on the Epic Games Store. According to the plan, it will be succeeded by a hand-drawn action-adventure Jotun: Valhalla Edition, which picked up excellent ratings, as well as 2017 signed by the talented team of Arkane Studios under the auspices of Bethesda Softworks.








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