Saturday, September 30, 2023

Elden Ring still convincingly best-selling on Steam


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Given the popularity and reputation he enjoys, Elden Ring’s sales results are not surprising and it is likely that he will spend some more time at the top of Steam’s weekly charts.

Even before the release on February 25, the new project of the proven FromSoftware team raised a lot of dust, we would add, quite rightly. It is, of course, the Elden Ring, an action RPG that draws a lot from the Souls series, signed by the same authors, but with an open world that can be explored as we like, and slightly easier gameplay.


Elden Ring Game
Elden Ring Game



Far from being easy, because for the purposes of the description we die a dozen times a day, usually due to our own carelessness, but again not as much as in the predecessors of the Elden Ring. While we warmly recommend this title, we must note that it is not for everyone, but given the excellent positions of the classic and Deluxe editions on Steam’s weekly bestseller list, most obviously could not resist it.



On the same scale, we were surprised by Survivors of the Void, the new DLC for action roguelike Risk of Rain 2 released two years ago, and it climbed to a high second place. Given that the original he is expanding has garnered extremely positive reviews from players, it’s no surprise that fans have barely welcomed new content for their favorite entertainment, and if you haven’t played it yet, you can get Risk of Rain 2 for half price, while the new add-on is promotional until tomorrow reduced by 35 percent.







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