Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Drivvo – track vehicle-related costs


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Owning a vehicle is definitely not cheap, and to determine exactly how much care and owning a vehicle really costs, you need to rely on apps like this. It will facilitate the management and monitoring of costs arising from the maintenance and use of vehicles…

Drivvo is a potentially useful application that, if used regularly, becomes a great way to accurately track all related costs of owning a vehicle. It is possible to easily control fuel consumption, monitor maintenance services, generate reports, and set reminders for important events related to the vehicle being monitored.

Drivvo enables the recording of refueling, on the basis of which, among other things, reports and graphs will be generated in order to get a clear overview of costs. In addition, the app also allows you to calculate how many more kilometers a vehicle can cover before having to revisit a gas station.



In addition to looking quite convenient and can be used to monitor costs (both fuel consumption and maintenance), it will also be used to monitor service intervals with reminders (for example, when it’s time to change the oil). Of course, there are many other things.

It is especially convenient that the application is localized, but in order to use the localized interface as well as some other features, it is mandatory to open a user account.






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