Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Despite the shortage, the next iPad Pro could appear in April

Recently, information has emerged that some MacBook and iPad models could be delayed due to a global shortage of chips. Among the products that will go affected by this problem is the iPad Pro.

According to a Bloomberg report, the upcoming iPad Pro is facing production problems. This could lead to a weak stock of the device at the beginning of the sale. However, despite the problems with production, Apple plans to place the tablet on the market from the second half of April.

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According to the report, Apple’s component and parts suppliers are facing a shortage of stock, and among them are all the major suppliers of mini-LED displays – Ennostar and Taiwan Surface Mounting Technology Corp.




On the other hand, the report confirms earlier rumors that Apple will present the iPad Pro in 2 sizes. The more expensive 12.9-inch model will have a mini-LED display, with improved contrast and a brighter image. This model could be delivered later than the 11-inch version of the tablet, due to the stated stock problems.

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