Monday, October 2, 2023

Beware of scammers who steal personal information on WhatsApp


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The site WABetaInfo has announced that more and more fraudsters are appearing on the popular WhatsApp platform, aiming to obtain user accounts.

Allegedly, some users received a suspicious message from accounts that presented themselves as WhatsApp customer support. Fortunately, users reported this because they thought it was an attempt to steal data.

WABetaInfo points out that it is important to find out whether you are talking to the right customer support or fraudsters, and according to them, this is easy to determine. If you look at the contact information, there is a checkmark next to the name and not on the profile photo.

In addition, fraudsters will always ask you for some personal information – a credit card number or six-digit WhatsApp login number. On the other hand, WhatsApp will not ask you for PIN, money or other confidential information.


It is recommended that, in case you meet fraudsters, you block that account and report it. Also, fraudsters, in addition to customer support for WhatsApp, can also imitate the user’s friends or family members.







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