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BeReal is an alternative to Instagram, but you have to post quick!

The French alternative to Instagram asks users for honest and simple posts and finds ways to produce them.


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The French alternative to Instagram asks users for honest and simple posts and finds ways to produce them.

The French network BeReal is attracting more and more students to the United States. BeReal is designed as a platform for “honesty”, which gives the user the opportunity to post every day, which he can send to friends, but within 120 seconds, and the post consists of two photos taken by the front and back camera of the phone.

BeReal has received several million dollars for this concept from well-known investors, such as Andresen Horowitz, and a well-known name in Silicon Valley who has invested in projects such as Clubhouse, OpenSea, and Substack in the last few years.

Students, Wired writes, like BeReal the most because of “the lack of time to find the perfect pose or background, which means the content is charmingly monotonous and unusually authentic and creative.” The company responded to the increased interest with invitations to parties for which admission is free to all who actively use BeReal.


Other users, such as Jules Kurelakos, a student at Duke University, point out that BeReal looks less performative than other social networks, which does not prevent students from posting carefully planned content. In other words, although the search for authenticity on social networks does not sound like something that will bear fruit, the application still states that it wants to offer it, which is actually its main trump card.

How to use BeReal?

If you want to use BeReal, you will first need an account to open the Android or iPhone app. After you download the app, it will ask you to access contacts to connect you with friends who already use the service (if you want, of course, you can refuse it). Unless you are moving in very specific circles, chances are high that none of your friends are using BeReal. Lastly, BeReal will ask you for your name, birthday and phone number as sending a reminder to post is a very important part of the experience.

BeReal also encourages new users to take the first photo immediately. Your daily price announcements are viewing other people’s photos on the discovery feed. Not in the mood for posts? Well, maybe another app will work better for you because BeReal requires active participation.

Users can also post photos they have taken within the allowed time range, but care should be taken to ensure that such posts are labeled as not being published immediately.

To make a post, you’ll need to give the app access to your cameras. After flipping the camera on both sides and checking the brightness by adding the flash option, press the circle in the middle of the bottom of the screen to take your photos. Your experience will be accompanied by a two-minute timer, which will allow several recordings of the same post – as long as it is created within the time limit.

You can then choose who can see your photos, either on a global feed or just among friends. Your geolocation will also be included in the posts unless you turn it off. In the end, when you have done everything, you will be able to write the text below the picture.

Posts can be deleted – with a limit of one per day.


Your friends will be able to comment and leave RealMoji on BeReal posts, while foreigners will be able to do the same if you posted the post globally. Unlike TikTok and Instagram, the content of the feed is deleted every day and replaced with a new collection of posts.

Users have the option of storing old posts in memoirs, provided they will not be able to post them again afterward.







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